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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

48. Listen to a concept album--uninterrupted--start to finish

It's really only half a concept album... but I listened to Kate Bush's The Ninth Wave on the plane to visit Oriana in Vancouver last year.

16. Get a manicure

Did this at the wedding of my lovely friends James and Cat.

The wedding was in Canmore, and I got my nails buffed and painted the same afternoon.

Saw a big raven outside the hotel the morning of!

The mountains were beautiful, too. Needed earplugs because the hotel was right along the train tracks. human_loser was kind enough to let me share his room. Saved enough moolah to get a manicure!

7. Write and perform some sketch comedy

The Christmas Pets sketch I wrote with human_loser was such a big hit at the 2007 Apocalypse Kow Kristmas Kabaret, they asked us to perform it AGAIN in 2008, and one of Astroboy's family members asked to perform it at their OWN gathering!

So, yeah. Though the Aggressive Pedestrians (a never quite realized sketch group) is now defunct... Zoe the Cat and Nigel the Dog made an impression!

2. Finish a draft of Electra

This one I got done a while ago.

Finished the draft, then Jeff Page directed it at the New Works Festival.

Here's a blogger's review!


Clytemnestra: Nicole Schafenacker
Orestes: David Johnston
Electra: ME!

It was one of the funnest shows I ever worked on, and I was very VERY proud of it.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Friday, April 04, 2008

23 through 27

So, I did all of these things, when I moved from my beautiful apartment in the Townhouse with Kloster to my condo--"Pussytown"--with Ry-Guy.

I've got my closet organized somewhat, my bed has been vacuumed under at least once, and the big-ass mirror is hanging where it should be--in a place where I can see myself from head to toe as required for dressing to go out.

I've also got a few of my paintings hanging in the place. Now we just have to get some of our theatre posters framed and hang those up too!

And boy, am I glad that I didn't give away all of Ry-Guy's stuff. I think he's glad too.

19. Get a Massage

Been doing this one on-and-off for a few months now.

I've been seeing deep-tissue masseuse Sharice at Reflectix on Fort Road.

She's really great, but I'm wondering if I can find a less out of the way place to go...

10. Take a Tai Chi Class

Well, here's one off the list that I should have updated months ago...

In October/November, Dr. Teeth and myself got together and took a beginner's Tai Chi class with the Taoist Tai Chi society.

We had a good time, as the class was very relaxing and laid back.

Finding the time to go, however, wasn't. Both the good Doc and myself were in school full time and had particularly heavy course loads that term, so we ended up missing a fair portion of the classes--including the final one!

I think when our scheds are a little less manic, it would be fun to go back. What do you say, Doc?

One of the instructors said I needed to work on my "inner quiet." I wonder why he'd say that...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

72. Create and play two more RPG characters with the House of Style guys

Well I've done it! If you click on the link above, you'll see my earlier entry where I talk about my D20 Modern character, Lilly Hammond. I've now got a fourth character: Gorgo! In Planescapes, I'm a member of a clan that believes that we're all dead already, and that desire and feelings and all that "Life" stuff get in the way of our pure and perfect innate "deadness." She's a Paladin!

God, I'm geeky. And this Role-Playing stuff is surprisingly hard. Though I was hella proud of my detective skills in attempting to track down where those mysterious "not-quite-dead" bodies were coming from...

66. Go camping

Hey! I did some stuff on this list!

I went camping with human_loser when we stayed overnight at the Knopke acridge for Linda and Andrew's wedding.

It's just a cheap tent-chairs-sleeping bag set we got at CanTire for $100, and they were only 1.5lb sleeping bags. I forgot it gets a LOT colder out in the country with no sun-heated concrete radiating warmth all night long. Ryan and I were FREEZING. My teeth were literally chattering as I got dressed and made my way to the car in the middle of the night for our extra sleeping bag. Ryan feel asleep finally with a blanket wrapped around his head like a turban. Needless to say, I was TIIIIIRED the next day for the gift opening.

Monday, April 30, 2007

80. Paint or draw something worth framing and 81. Give it away to a friend

# 80. Paint or draw something worth framing
# 81. Give it away to a friend

I finished those two with my gift of a painting to everyone's favourite cookie, shiny_gal!

It was her birthday on the 17th and she had earlier remarked that the subject of one of my paintings happened to be her favourite building downtown.

I showed up with it at her place on Friday with her other gift, "The Happy You Were Born Mix."

I can't include that as a done'er on this list however, since I did not mail it to her anonymously.

I'm glad she and her roomie, MaGiK, like it!

Friday, March 09, 2007

The times they are a changin'...

You know, when I look at this list, I see some things I gotta update.

Like really.

Like things I missed the boat on and will NEVER be able to do now.

Should I replace them, or note their passing with italics or something?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

65. Go to Disney World

I went to Disney World in November with my family. It really depressed me. Everyone else had a really good time and I came back a complete mess.

I guess I can cross it off my list!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

67. Organize an overnight/weekend road trip with friends!

Well... I didn't ORGANIZE it per se, but I certainly went on a road trip wayyyyy back in November for FUCCUP - the Further Upper Canada College and University Press Conference!

Click on the link in the title to read more about it at Bitchcraft for the New Millennium!

30. Eat escargot

Mmmmm... snails.

Ry and I managed to get seats at the Tasty Tomato on Stony Plain Road!

In fact, we were the only people there!
Note to self: If I want a seat at a usually very busy restaurant, go during a hockey game, or like we did, during a blizzard.

Truly delicious, they were slathered in garlic, butter and cheese. I LOVE eating at restaurants!

5. Finish a draft of the mascot play with scottybomb and 87. Submit a play to a writing competition

We did it! We actually did it! We finished the first draft of our mascot play, now titled Game Face, at the University of Alberta Bookstore's 24-hour playwriting compeition "10 Days of Madness."

We pretty much sat at the computer together for the entire writing process, reading as the other wrote and trading off between scenes and when one of us stalled. It worked really well considering we didn't nail down any specifics of how we were going to work together. It felt really organic and natural.

We ostensibly finished before going to bed at 1:30am or therabouts and then woke up around 5am to make some cuts, insert a monologue and agonize over a title. We gave it to the dramaturg on call to read when we couldn't think of anything else to do before submitting it, and she basically told us it was solid and ready for a reading with actors. Like Scotty said, not what we wanted to hear, but good news none the less!

Tomorrow they announce the 1st Place winners at Chianti's on Whyte. I can't be there because I have rehearsal for the new works festival, but Ry-Guy and Scottybomb (hopefully) and will be on hand. I think our play is good enough to at least place, but even if we don't win anything we've already got what we came for--and I've crossed another TWO items off my 101 List!